Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Doa Untuk Rakyat

Ya Allah, jangan lah Kau timpakan bencana terlalu banyak pada bangsa ini sesungguhnya ada banyak pejabat yang lebih pantas untuk Kau sengsarakan... Kami rakyat Indonesia hanya bisa meminta pada Mu, Ya Allah... pada pemimpin kami tidak bisa... Sedangkan Engkau tidak akan pernah habis stok pejabat yang pantas Engkau sengsarakan... Maka dari itu, jangan Kau beri bencana/hukuman yang tidak pandang bulu... Amiiinnnn

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

10 Filosofi Hidup orang Jawa

dari firda fauzan...

1. Urip Iku Urup (Hidup itu Nyala, Hidup itu hendaknya memberi manfaat nagi orang lain disekitar kita, semakin besar manfaat yang bisa kita berikan tentu akan lebih baik)

2. Memayu Hayuning Bawana, Ambrasta dur Hangkara (Manusia hidup di dunia harus mengusahakan keselamatan, kebahagiaan dan kesejahteraan; serta memberantas sifat angkara murka, serakah dan tamak).

3. Sura Dira Jaya Jayaningrat, Lebur Dening Pangastuti (segala sifat keras hati, picik, angkara murka, hanya bisa dikalahkan dengan sikap bijak, lembut hati dan sabar)

4. Ngluruk Tanpa Bala, Menang Tanpa Ngasorake, Sekti Tanpa Aji-Aji, Sugih Tanpa Bandha: 5. Datan Serik Lamun Ketaman, Datan Susah Lamun Kelangan (Jangan gampang sakit hati manakala musibah menimpa diri; Jangan sedih manakala kehilangan sesuatu).

6. Aja Gumunan, Aja Getunan, Aja Kagetan, Aja Aleman (Jangan mudah terheran-heran; Jangan mudah menyesal; Jangan mudah terkejut-kejut; Jangan mudah kolokan atau manja).

7. Aja Ketungkul Marang Kalungguhan, Kadonyan lan Kemareman (Janganlah terobsesi atau terkungkung oleh keinginan untuk memperoleh kedudukan, kebendaan dan kepuasan duniawi).

8. Aja Kuminter Mundak Keblinger, Aja Cidra Mundak Cilaka (Jangan merasa paling pandai agar tidak salah arah;Jangan suka berbuat curang agar tidak celaka).

9. Aja Milik Barang Kang Melok, Aja Mangro Mundak Kendo (Jangan tergiur oleh hal-hal yang tampak mewah, cantik, indah; Jangan berfikir mendua agar tidak kendor niat dan kendor semangat).

10. Aja Adigang, Adigung, Adiguna (Jangan sok kuasa, sok besar, sok sakti).

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Pragmatic Thought

Although, maybe I've written this some years ago. but I want to write this again this time. It began with a simple chat with my father on my way home. On a turn to enter a road to my home, there is a junction master (Indonesian "polisi cepek"), he always collect the money for toll just to turn at the junction. My father suddenly complained that he must pays every single day just to turn. I told him, that is not appropriate, since according to keynes, if people's wages is below their average needs (e.g food, housing, cigarette) most of them are reluctant to work in an institution. Thus, making unemployment rate soaring.

To fullfil their needs, unemployed tend to be a criminals, which we must kept in check especially when they near our home. they tends to rob or steal from our home, which we definitely not like it. I often hear that a lavish housing complex near the slum area also has a high criminal rate, probably it's because of it.

In order to make them still have money to pay their average needs. We must give away some money, so they don't became criminals. Maybe the reason that Muhammad order us to give donation to our neighbours, because of that :D

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Indonesian State Owned Companies Ways of Doing Business

This is my deduction on Indonesian Companies' best practices to lift up their profit

First Phase : Making Crappy Products

Pertamina/State Gas Company, makes failures on the gas regulator and pipe, making it easy to explode.
Palyja/PAM, makes the colorful water tap, well if you like colorful life, you definitely like this
State Owned Electric Company (PLN), makes unreliable electricity, making many failures on electrical goods

All of these condition makes people furious. Therefore, they must react, after numerous accident and fatalities.

Second Phase : Doing what-they-called-research

Pertamina, examine the gas problem and assume that the problem is in the regulator
Palyja, examine that the problem is in the technological in capabilities to make healthy water
PLN, examine and report that the problem is in the supplies of the fuel as well as aging transmitter and transformer

All of these research leads to the People's Assembly, well you can't enact policy without their permission, as well as bribery.

Third Phase : The policy

Gas regulator must have national standard certificate
Palyja, water can be privatized with the multinational companies
PLN, permission to raise tariff and appointment of a new promising candidate

Forth Phase : Miracullous victories of making crappy products

Gas regulators as well as the gas hose/pipe must be distributed by Pertamina to ensure genuineness (again they manage to get extra income, with monopoly)
Palyja, can raise tariffs without permission from anyone... and now water tap tariffs in Jakarta is expensive... astonishingly they manage to preserve their "good" quality with the higher price
PLN, now they raise their tariffs and they will develop a device that will enable them to detect exploded trafo earlier <= stupid.

The best part is, the customer doesn't realize the aftermath of the policy after alooonggg time >:)... I conclude that even tough Keynes had predicted that in the year 2000's the productivity will be so high so we only need to work in short hour to fulfill all our needs, the capitalist-beaurocrat is doing their best to prevent it...

That's why I, must humbly admit that our government is genius...  they can beat the prediction of the best Economic Scholar in his era...

Thursday, June 24, 2010

final argument

final argument means the last resort in either war or negotiation. there are various kind of final arguments, which resemble the era.

in Louis XIV, the final argument was the use of cannon..

in the Atomic Age was the Atom bombs

In the information age, it's the drop database [database name]

wkwkwkwkwkwk >:)

Monday, May 17, 2010


a man asked me about joining Wirekom as an Apprentice, and he asked about what division will he join... I tell him 16th armored division, Wirekom's expeditionary forces :|, we don't have any division, for God sake!!

Monday, May 10, 2010


First of all, i'd like to state the main reason of writing this is because one of my friends wants to know about my secret of negotiation. several years ago, my negotiation style was far from good... I then to negotiate with the skill of small trader... it's very simple and rely most on stamina and time delaying method. Until one day, upon seeing my negotiation ability (which is abysmal actually), the Minister of Transportation at that time Mr Djusman Syafeii Djamal give me a negotiation book that save his business when dealing with the Indians, and i mix that book and my small trader style of negotiation which give me a new style which are devided into four main part, before opening, middle and closing :

1. Before, in this part, you should do :
a. knowing your opponents, it's very useful to know their intention to the negotiation, interest as well as weakness
b. give a detailed target of your negotiation, give them points if you have to

2. Opening, in this part it's the essesial part of breaking the barrier, so you should do :
a. give them promises :D <= mostly lies though
b. state the goals from you side <= also lies
c. be patient, don't rush to the main dealing... confuse them with trivial issues to drain their stamina, but be aware, if they look like annoyed with it, try ice breaking jokes

3. Middle, in this part you should talk about non trivial issues
a. Talk about things that you focused on gaining the most, such as pricing issues
b. extract the information which they focused on
c. if it comes to price, make sure to open the bargain as low as posibble, but not too low, cause it will break their hearts :)...
d. when come to price, just make sure to stand on 15 % lower if you are buyer and 15 % higherif you are seller from the exact price you want to achieve (you can raise the limit though, but be aware that they might go for another vendors), this will make them think the actual price is around that.

4. Closing
a. give them trivial bonuses (if you have heart), especially when the deal is too profitable on your side, trivial bonuses are things that are not to expensive... this will make your opponent anthusiastic about the deal, and they will think you are a good person... also this will avoid them to rethink about the main issues :D
b. When you are losing on the main issues, ask for special bonuses like free on delivery, free insurance and so on, if they don't want to just tell them that you think on that price the delivery is for free... or make the price higher a little and ask many bonuses... this will make them attracted to agree on your offering

The essence of negotiation is about giving something for something and so dont you ever give something for free >:)